About Meijisou

Welcome to Meijisou!

Meijisou is located in Misasa Onsen,one of Japan's most famous hot spring area as a "radium hot spring".
Meijisou is a Japanese -style inn featuring hot spring bath and Japanese garden.
Even the guests room showers are fed by Onsen.
We offers Japanese-style relaxation and comfort in Japanese Ryokan atmosphere.

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About Meijisou

Misasa hot springs contain one of the highest levels of radium in the world.
Radon is a weak radioactive gas produced by the decay of radium.
When inhaled into the body, radon improves the metabolism and boosts the immunity and our natural healing power.
The fantastic illumination of the Japanese-style lodgings and this “radiation hormesis effect” are familiar to both tourists and people visiting for health treatment purposes.

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About Meijisou

The guests rooms are filles with relaxation and healing in traditional Japanese-style.
You caan enjoy our Japanese garden and 170 years old fir-tree from each room.

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About Meijisou

We serve Kaiseki course meals that use plenty of seasonal land and sea ingredients.
Dinner consist of multi-course Kaiseki meals made with seasonal ingredients.
During breakfast, you can see the sceanery of the Japanese garden and enjyoy Wasyoku.

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Equipment and facilities

Toilet with cleaner,, refrigerator , Television, Wi-Fi, AC.

Guest Room Amenities

Towel,Bath towel.Slippers,Toothbrush,Shaving razor Yukata Pajamas,Soap,Tea.

Bath Room Amenities

Sampoo,Body Shampoo,Hair dryer,Lotion,Shaving lotion Hair tonic,Hair Brush.

Rental items

Air purifier,Humidifier,T-FAL pots, iron,children’s Chair, Playing cards,Board Game,Shogi chess,Mah-jongg

General Infomation
Ryokan Meijisou

Tohaku-gun,Tottori Pref.


Check-in time
Check-out time
Credit cards accepted

Shampoom,Body shampoo, Bath towels,Hnad towls
Toothbrushes,Razors, Slippers,Green Tea and Yukata Pajamas